What to keep in mind while designing your UI

If you have ever found yourself on a particular website being unable to understand what they’re offering, or faced inconvenience navigating its pages, chances are that you would simply close the window and opt for another website. Such a thing would be more than likely if the website didn’t possess a robust User Interface Design.

User Interface (UI) Design is the link between users and the website or app. It determines what the users will experience when they use the website or mobile app. It also influences how the users perceives the brand. A good UI, therefore, is very essential for businesses to thrive in the internet world.

User interface design is defined by its five fundamental elements- Language, colour, imagery, typography and icons. These five elements determine if the UI is well structured, communicates what the user wants and is user-convenient. A good UI is easy to use, understandable and is wish-fulfilling for the user.

●     Easy Language: The mood of a website can be aptly set using proper words, and naming or branding the website appropriately. A product’s naming has the power to set the mood at the very entry-level of a brand’s experience. Additionally, tones vary with a brand’s intent and decisions on whether they should be strict, scientific, friendly, entertaining, fun or playful should align with those intents. A good UI is defined by how well the language speaks to the user, how well it connects to them and makes the website attractive.

●     Attractive Colours: Proper colours are essential to define moods on a website, and to exemplify navigation appropriately. Humans generally respond to them in a very emotive and subjective way. One can also use colour to show states like passive (inactive), active (touch/hover), activated (press/click) etc. Colours which pop out are more attractive to a user and make the website more appealing to the user.

●     Informative Imagery: Imagery, can be used in a multitude of ways to make a website attractive as well as informative. Images can be used primarily as content, in both contained and immersive ways. Images which are related to the theme, speak to the user immensely. Imagery can also help to set a tone or ambience that the audience can relate to, in addition to being an excellent method for navigation.

●     Attractive Typography: Typography comes to the rescue when it becomes difficult to depict certain representations. Language is very economical in terms of its meaning and has a great deal of flexibility in terms of how it works that imagery cannot compete with. It is, therefore, a necessity to have a typographic visual brand that helps your product stand out. Pictorial representation when accompanied by attractive typography, make a website more attractive to a user.

●     Useable Icons: Icons, which are used as interfaces or as branding in website designs. Icons and symbols act as interface elements by representing certain actions. Icons and symbols can also act as instant representatives of a product, brand or company. Icons become more useful when they are perfect pictorial representations of their purpose, hence making them unique and appealing.

UI design can have a significant impact with just the smallest of adjustments. For instance, even the shape of a tiny button on-screen could determine whether or not someone is able to accomplish a trivial task. People have certain instincts based on visual details that play into how they interact with a website and developers need to consider these patterns very carefully while incorporating them in the web design or mobile app. A good UI is hence a perfect amalgam of all these factors!

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