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Wall of Fame at Avian Design

“A great team-mate is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have”

Avian Design is lucky when it comes to talent. We have got smart & hardworking people onboarded with us.

Do you know what it is that inspires a person?

Yes, you got it right, Appreciation!

Appreciating someone’s work not only recognizes their efforts but also motivates them to consistently showcase outstanding performance.

We at Avian Design believe in appreciating the talent as a part of our culture whenever they showcase outstanding performance.

Therefore, we are starting an initiative to appreciate the people who have exceeded expectations and went beyond excellence, “Wall of Fame”.

We are glad to announce that Pinaki Nanda who’s a UI/UX Designer at Avian Design has showcased excellent performance in May. Pinaki has worked on 9+ projects in his journey with Avian.

Starting with interviewing stakeholders, making personas, researching, building journey maps, undertaking competitive analysis, defining objectives, brainstorming and ideation in the process of design sprints, creating user flows, building information architectures, designing prototypes, collaborating with developers to convey the design and also branding for a few projects.

Pinaki Nanda never failed to astound us with his outstanding performance.

It’s the result of his consistency and hard work that we are announcing him on the Wall of Fame!

Congratulations Pinaki Nanda for your achievement and well wishes for your journey at Avian.

A Peek from Pinaki’s Interview

What is your proudest accomplishment at Avian?

I designed and delivered the Scarto sprint, as the product was trying to solve the carbon footprint problem and motivate towards sustainability which I’m very much interested in.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in your career?

I was below average in both UI skills and communication before joining Avian, now have overcome it in a very short time exponentially.

What is the best advice you can give to your colleagues?

Always make mistakes and learn from them, and try to have a proper work-life balance, don’t burn out.

Tell us something about your experience at Avian Design.

Before joining Avian I was a freelance designer and used to do projects in a very unstructured way, but after joining Avian I got to learn many new things, I finally got a chance to collaboratively work with a design team. In the past few months, I gained a lot of experience by working on many projects and sprints of various industries and domains. One of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on is the Sepal app, where we designed the app which can be used while riding a motorbike without losing focus from the road and improving the riding experience in the process.

Other than the projects our team is very fun to work with and very friendly working environment we’ve, especially the recreation meetings. I got to know a lot about new things about design from Aditya and about management from Indro, also I’m also trying to help out my colleagues who just started their design careers by conveying the same knowledge.

You can check out Pinaki's amazing work on:

Instagram: pinakiio.pikachu

Behance: ikanip11

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