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User Experience, A Vital Component for Growth.

A brief understanding of User Experience/ UX

User Experience or UX in designing might sound intimidating at first but it really is not. User Experience is anything that relates to a user or a person interacting with any system, product, or service. The user is the epicenter, everything is done to ensure that the user has a great experience while using the system or product.

Elements of UX Designing

Peter Morville, the president of Semantic Studios, also known as the father of information architecture and UX, he also created UX Honeycomb, which are the fundamental elements that User Experience should have. These 5 fundamental elements are:

Useful: There must be a need,a usefulness for the product or service that the business presents to the market. If there is no use, need, or want for the product, there is no reason for it to exist.

Usable: Any product or system that is made should be usable by customers; The designing of the system should be easy to operate and simple enough for customers to be able to understand. It should also hold the attention of the user, as without that, the customers either would lose interest or would not show interest in the product at all.

Findable: The product needs to be easy to find offline or online, the website or the system of the product should also be easy to navigate through by the customer. The navigation structure should be such that any problem, the user may face, would easily be met with a solution.

Credible: The user should be able to trust the business that will provide them with the product. Customers should be able to trust that the business has an impeccable ethics, permanence, and reliability.

Desirable: The product should be attractive so that it catches the eye of the customers; The image, brand, identity, and other aspects of designing should invoke emotions in the customers. The visual aesthetic should be easy to understand and should make the main purpose easily come across.

Accessible: It should be made sure that the product is accessible to customers of all categories, especially those with disabilities should be able to have the same experience as those without one.

What’s so important about UX?

At the end of the day, users or customers will be the ones who either make or break your product. To make sure that the reception of your product is positive, a proper User Experience is required. User Experience is all about fulfilling users’ needs, providing them with such a great experience that they become your loyal customer. If the user experience is bad, then the product would not be able to sell. The User Experience has to be positive and if it is not then the profitability of your product and in turn your business will go down.

UX and the growth

  • Every business, whether big or small, relies on online or digital marketing. Since the boom of the internet begin, digital marketing has become essential. For executing and developing modern digital marketing strategies, user experience is vital. A good website is needed to attract customers, the website should be easy to navigate and attractive in appearance. Businesses even need to have social networking presence and their own Apps to gain customers' attention and assist them through their experiences, doing so produces a digital environment that can make the brand stand out. User Experience is required to achieve this feat.

  • UX helps the businesses be clear, concise, and accessible. This way their target audience is attracted by their product and are willing to use it. User Experience tries to find if a product will meet the need of the users. And although, usability is a very integral part, UX provides an insight to the end goal of gaining the customers’ support.

  • User Experience asks: why the product would be needed (its value to the customers), what the customers will be able to do with the product (functionality of the product), and how the product would be made available to the users in an attractive way. UX makes sure all of these questions are asked and answered and productivity is made based on the UX report. User Experience takes from a lot of other disciplines such as; psychology, programming, user research, market research, interaction design, and visual design. By taking something from all these fields, UX is versatile. It focuses on improving user experiences and because of this advantage, the businesses would require it as users or customers are always the main focus of any business. UX is an ever-evolving domain as it takes from so many spheres of specialization and because of that, it shall always be needed.

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