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Time to innovate? Let's Dezy it!

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Time to innovate? Let's Dezy it!

A Design Sprint is a unique five-day process by Google Ventures. It is the key to success for many Start-ups while validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with real users. To put it simply, a Sprint is a quick way to build and test ideas and thoughts with users while innovating. The various steps involved in a Design Sprint are:

  1. Mapping - It involves working with experts across the organization to map out the problem and determine the overall goal of the Design Sprint. It is important to understand your users and their problems via customer journey maps and empathy maps.

  2. Ideation - Exploring feasible solutions and sketching them through examining various sources of inspiration.

  3. Storyboarding - Going through every solution, using storyboards and listing the pros and cons of each, thereby collectively narrowing down the solutions to the most attainable one.

  4. Prototyping - Constructing a working prototype of the selected solution using the storyboards finalised on the previous day.

  5. Testing - User testing of the finalised prototype on at least five users. This is one of the most important steps as it ensures whether the solution attained is a workable one or not.

What is Dezy It?

Dezy It is your personal design sprint master. It is your design thinking guide and companion to help you facilitate design sprints, to innovate, pivot and improve on the user experience of your product.

Why Dezy It?

Here at Dezy It, we use Design Sprints and Design Thinking to revamp your ideas and products through an amalgamation of collaboration, creativity and empathy.

  • Dezy It, brings in a collaborative space for your team to leverage design thinking and work together and participate in the ideation process, sharing valuable insights which would shape the product and its features. It's a process which truly gets your whole team invested!

  • Creativity brings forward innovation. Dezy It helps you to create structured agile processes to streamline your innovation and come up with multiple creative ideas using the Crazy-8 framework. It boosts your morale and provokes you to think out of the box. It makes use of several ideas and new innovation techniques, customised and personalised to fit your project.

  • Dezy It assists you to Empathise and work according to your project needs and clientèle, creating the ability to see the world through other people's eyes, to see what they see, feel what they feel, and experience things as they do, all through Design Thinking.

Dezy It - Features

  • Organise and conduct your Design Sprint - Using this feature, you can run a curated Design Sprint to address your company’s challenge using a step by step framework. Dezy It helps you to conduct the Sprint, guides you through each day and each step and thus helps in brainstorming and coming up with creative and innovative solutions through the Sprint.

  • Manage your Team - This feature helps you to add and manage your Team members, who'll be collaborating with you in the Sprint. You can add the names of the Team members, and assign them roles accordingly. It is the perfect way to conduct a Remote Design Sprint.

  • Video Tips to carry out the various steps of the Sprint - Under Tips, you can find several short videos which will elucidate the process for you and your team. Each video critically details a step in the Sprint process and guides you to conduct that particular step with your Team.

Every project needs innovation and creativity, and in the current scenario, the best way to give birth to innovation quickly, economically and successfully is through Design Sprints. However, facilitating and planning a Design Sprint can often be tedious, and as team leader you might be flummoxed about where and how to plan one.

Hence, Dezy It brings to you your personal Design Sprint Master, your companion, thus helping you to truly become one with your customers/users/clients through innovation and Design thinking.

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