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Sneak Peek into our Projects

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Do you know what’s the most important reason for the growth of a company?

The relationships that they build with their customers and clients.

Pleasing our customers and meeting their requirements has always been a priority for Avian Design. We at Avian Design work to convert your idea into a product using Design Sprint.

We believe in the phrase

“Action speaks louder than words”

So, here we are ready to unleash the journeys that we had with our customers in the month of May.

May was an awesome month for our whole team. We really liked working on several projects and would like to share a little sneak peek from two of them.

We collaborated with Timios and CBREX to deliver the product of their dreams!

Journey with Timios

It’s been an awesome journey with Timios. We at Avian Design engaged with Aswani Chaitanya (founder at Timios), to evaluate & revamp their existing platform and build a new digital experience focusing mainly on the end-users.

Recreating a platform always brings in a comparison point!

Recreating a platform has its own odds, as we had to deliver a better and more meaningful experience than the one before.

Timios is a company that provides completely preservative-free food for kids. In order to recreate the digital platform, analyzing the existing platform was of utmost importance.

  • So, we put ourselves into the shoes of the users and gathered insights that would make the digital experience on the platform much smoother and personalized.

  • It was also necessary to put forth the objectives, which acted as our base towards user-oriented research.

  • Followed by structuring the visuals, the design was further segregated into eye-catchy informative sections.

  • The structure for ‘Shop’ has been redefined for the users. The new open-style layout gives the option to the users to navigate through a range of categories and search for the respective products.

  • Switching from one screen to another is kind of mind-numbing. To tackle this problem we introduced popups at selected areas to ensure an uninterrupted user experience.

  • It’s always great to get recommendations according to your needs. Based on the subscription details we provided the functionality to auto-load and recommend the respective products according to the age of their kids and take them through a step-by-step checkout process.

  • Our mind likes it if we get rewards. Considering this customer mindset a raised, bumpy-looking rewards section had been created for the Rewards Points. According to the eye-catching experience, the colour palette for the coins was chosen too.

We at Avian Design believe that a well responsive design is the key to a successful design story!

Our team worked at recreating the digital platform to provide a seamless user experience and customer satisfaction.

We delivered the project in 5 weeks. And we’re glad to tell our journey with Timios to all of you guys.

Another project that we worked on at Avian Design in the month of May is the CBREX project.

Journey with CBREX

It’s been an awesome journey with CBREX. We at Avian Design engaged with the members of the CBREX team to revamp their platform’s existing design and build a new seamless digital experience.

Our main intent in creating a new design system was

  • To bridge the design gap across different teams in an organization.

  • To improve team collaboration.

  • To enable a faster time-to-market by using established assets.

  • To achieve UX/UI Consistency.

To achieve the goals, we get to grip with steps like


We inspected and analyzed the existing platform to get a brief about how we shall proceed.


Laying a foundation is very important. It may be for buildings, educations, or design. We at Avian Design created the foundation by choosing suitable color schemes, fonts, icons, etc.

  • Using Poppins we created brand new typography.

  • Followed by defining the primary UI colors, body text colors, alert specific colors, light tints, etc.

  • We also defined the iconography, which was easier to understand.

  • Created visually attractive core components like buttons, checkboxes, text fields, dropdown boxes, buttons with icons, multi-select dropdown, loading indicators, progress bar, alerts, and many more.

  • After creating sets of components in the Design System, we built new Web frames (UI) using the system elements.


We also worked on building a unified library of discrete UI Elements.


Every product has a user manual that has guidelines on its usage, so does design.

Followed by the creation of a library we also drafted principles of implementation of elements, which proved to be eminently helpful and supporting to the usage of library elements.

CBREX is a monthly retainer and so far we have been engaging with the CBREX team for over 6 months now.

It feels great to share our journey with our people. We as Avian Design express a big Thank You for being with us throughout the journey.

To know more and discuss your project with us contact us!

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