SEO Strategies you can use to grow your business

What is SEO?

Many people get confused when they hear about SEO. What even is SEO? We know from the internet that it is Search Engine Optimization but what does that mean? Questions like that might come to your mind but you don’t have to worry because I am here to explain it all to you in a way that would be easier to understand and not have you scratching your head in confusion.

SEO is what generates traffic to your website. It is what makes your site visible to the general audience who uses search engines like Google, Bing, or Firefox. Now you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to be visible to people, and so SEO does just that and more. It is what promotes your site to users.

Let me just tell you in brief what SEO consists of:

  • Keywords: It is search terms that make the people able to find your sites in search engines. They are the most searched words in a search engine

  • Title tag: This is an HTML tag that will tell the title of a web page. This is the clickable headline that comes up when someone searches for something on a search engine and it comes up as one of the results on the search engine page.

  • Meta Description: This is the HTML description that comes up in search engine searches along with title tags. This is a brief summary of your web page.

  • Internal Links: These are hyperlinks that after clicking on them will direct the reader to a different page on your own website. This keeps the users on your website, as they keep clicking on the links to know more.

  • External Links: These are the hyperlinks that after clicking on them will direct the reader to a different website altogether; these links can make your website appear higher on the search engine.

How do I utilize SEO to grow my business?

So now that you know a bit more about what SEO is, let’s learn some strategies you can use to get better SEO rankings for your business website. SEO is an extremely important step to garner attention; without it, you will not have visibility and you will not reach your target audience.

  • After you have created your website in a way that it caters to your target audience, you need to put content on the website that will gain attraction and make your website seem legit. This can be done by posting blogs or articles, and making them SEO friendly.

  • By SEO friendly, it means that you have to make sure that your blogs or articles should have keywords that are related to the topic of your blog. So, your blogs can come up in search results, and for that your blog should have keywords in the headings and subheadings. It should also have keywords in the Title tag and the Meta Descriptions.

  • Your blog should have Internal and External Links embedded in it; this also helps gain traffic in search engines. The images that you would use for your blog should also have the keywords in their file name.

  • You can also use image optimization for your website to garner better results. By image optimization it means compressing the image size, using the correct format, using correct image dimensions and using JPEG. This makes the images in your website easier to load and the images also come higher in ranking in the search engines.

  • Create a list of keywords - Google Suggest function can help make a list of keywords people usually type on google search. There are two types of keywords - short tail keywords and long tail keywords. If you are new and have trouble gaining traffic then using long tail keywords is the best way to gain it. You can also use tools such as SEMrush or Ubersuggest, to find out the keywords you can use.

  • Adding a hook is also a great way to gather traffic. But what’s a hook? Well, it’s link baiting. Make a title that makes the audience look twice. It should either be something helpful, something shocking or something with humor. It should make the audience want to click on your website.

  • Make the URL to your website that is short but also rich in keywords. Something long and wordy will not have people wanting to click it but if it’s something short and fun then people would want to know more about your website. You need to make intrigue bloom in people. This will have people click but good content will make people stay. So do remember to do that too.

SEO could seem hard and mysterious at first but when it comes down to it, SEO is just another thing you need to learn to survive in the tough competition, where the one who gains more clicks is the winner. It can be a bit hard to understand at first and many people use consultancy agencies to get the desired result rather than trying to research SEO on their own.

But as the times are changing, knowing SEO literally has become a need. Just having the basic understanding is enough to get great results, you don’t have to become an expert overnight. Take small steps and unhurriedly gain more knowledge on SEO with your own experience.