Mistakes people make while marketing their product

What is Marketing?

If you have ever tried to promote or sell a product or service, then you have partaken in the act of marketing. Not all of us are, of course, Marketers, but we all might have participated in marketing activity at some point of time. Sharing a post of a brand you use, posting a positive review for a restaurant you visited, and recommending a service to a friend of yours. These are all acts of marketing one does unconsciously. But what about consciously trying to market your product? How do you do that successfully and what should you avoid doing while marketing? If you read ahead, you might find something relevant that could help you better market your products.

How to market a product successfully?

There are many great products and services in the market that never get the exposure they

deserve and eventually end up getting swept away by the items that have more popularity. A plethora of amazing products and services have fallen victim to bad marketing strategies. To save your effort, here are some strategies that you can use to best market your product.

  • You can use the Inbound Marketing strategy. It is when the company makes meaningful and productive content that is designed to attract prospective customers. It is effective, in a way, that customers get to understand the company’s values and core proposition through their content.

  • Promote your product or service through Social Media Marketing. If the product is not known then it will not sell, that is the most common fact known. Hence, promoting the product in a way it catches the eye of prospective customers is very important. Use social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to publicize your product.

  • Make full use of SEO Marketing strategies. SEO is nothing but a process, an algorithm that makes your site appear in searches What your product needs is exposure, the more the better. By making use of SEO, you are giving your product the exposure it needs to flourish in an already competitive market.

  • Find your niche, and build a loyal customer base. The thing about marketing is, that customers have to keep coming back to you for the product you are providing. If people feel your product is a one-time use and can easily be replaced by another product, then you are doing something wrong. Building a loyal customer base with great communication and making them feel connected to you is a must approach.

What mistakes are you making while marketing your product?

After learning ways in which you can better promote your product successfully, marketing can either make or break your product. If your product doesn’t appear to be what the customer needs, if it doesn’t appear attractive or desirable then it will not sell. Any product or service that has been your dream child might suffer from poor marketing. So here is a list of things you might be doing wrong in marketing your product.

  • Not having a mission or a vision that people can connect with, will heavily impact your business. Why does your product matter among the many that are already present in the market? There are so many products in the market right now that have similar functions, what makes a product stand out is the ability of the product to make the customer connect with the message behind it. Customers are most crucial for business and marketing, they are the ones who you are targeting. If they don’t feel that your business or product is something they can connect with support, then you are doing something wrong. Creating a vision or mission that people can feel proud of and happy supporting it, is something that every organization that is providing a product should aim for.

  • When you are not being transparent and honest with your customers, it can lead to them feeling tricked. The main objective of a business should always be to provide the best service for its customers. People don’t like being lied to or deceived, making your customer feel that way, will eventually lead to your businesses’ downfall. It’s something rather simple that some businesses miss, having a friendly and open relationship with your customers will end up getting you a loyal patron base.

  • Not promote your product enough on social networking services will lead to your product becoming unknown to the masses. With the boom of the internet, people don’t really need a physical shop anymore to sell their products. Advertising your products and service on social media is necessary and sometimes even more than enough, these days. If you are not there on the social media sites then you might as well not exist to the customers. People like seeing reviews and reading about the product they are purchasing. Having a social media presence will make people talk about you and your product. That’s exactly what you want, “people to notice you”. Only after getting noticed will the ball start rolling and you’ll be able to wow your customers with your unique product.

  • Another thing a lot of people mess up with is, they don’t market their product to the right audience. Who are you aiming to sell your product to? Many times, when you oversell your product to any and every audience then it will not give you the desired results. It is good to have exposure but the exposure should be to the right people. Take this as an example; if you are a company whose niche is Biotechnology then marketing your product to an audience who is solely looking for Transportation or Communication technology doesn’t seem logical, right? And spamming your prospective customers will also make them irritated by you. Don’t oversaturate the conversation with the customers with just marketing, try to build a relationship first. Use the right channels, forums, and networks to market your product.

One last piece of advice that I can give to all marketers or people planning to build a start-up, is that you should remember to be creative, unique, and not be afraid to try things that might seem out of the box. Every new idea might have seemed ridiculous to some people but the passion and determination of the person who thought of it is the reason it came to life.