Is too much design hurting positive UX?

It is no more optional for businesses operating in a competitive environment to have an impeccable online presence. Your website acts as a focal point of your online marketing efforts. A minor UX mistake in your website design can cost you millions. Poor web design can seriously tarnish the repute of your brand online. An effective web presence is a combination of excellent design, valuable content, and result-oriented marketing

strategies. In order to achieve a high return on marketing investment, you surely need a website that offers flawless user experience and encourages visitors to retain and convert. Do not let a simple UX mistake ruin the online presence of your business. Some problems that arise due to overdesigning are major UI mistakes that greatly harm UX, they are as follows:

Overloading of Information. Information overload is notorious for ruining a design. You don’t need to cram everything onto the first screen. It overloads users with information, in turn, frustrating them. Users like the interactivity of mobile app design because they enjoy the satisfaction of self-initiated discovery. On the other hand, it is important not to omit important information.

Having an overly Complex Design. Good UX doesn’t always have a fancy, intricate design.  Complex UI design can take away from the user experience if there are too many distractions or confusing call-to-actions. Instead of including elements that lack purpose, simplify with more meaning. Good design can be elegant without all of the intricacies. 

Including Too Many Features. Rather than including too many elements and features, understand your brand’s strengths. This is just as relevant to brand identity. If your app includes everything for all types of demographics, you won’t please anyone. Instead of establishing loyal users, you’ll end up frustrating them. Not only is this bad for user

retention but the perception of your brand as well. You need to find the unique value proposition that will give you the competitive edge you need.

No clear direction for Users. A good website helps its audience find the right content and move forward in the sales funnel. You should focus on connecting your audience with as much content as possible. Every page of your site must contain a proper call-to-action which can make it easy for a visitor to make a decision. A visitor will happily click on a button if he is sure where he is going to land. Bold user interface elements encourage visitors to take the

desired actions.

Careless use of Background Images. It has been a popular trend in the web design industry to use a full background image. Images are supposed to complement the site as a whole. Simply giving something a nice, bright background and big fonts do not make a good design. An element must stand out in comparison with the overall design pattern. The function of an image is to complement the overall aesthetics and message of a site.

Too much text and Cluttered layout. People hate to read lengthy and mundane text on a website. Most of the people just go through the headlines on a page and move forward. However, your website should not distract the audience with ill-organized information and layout. If your design is unable to differentiate the information on your site, users will not be sure what is important and what is not for they will be overwhelmed with too many


Complicated and confusing interfaces force users to find solutions to problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place. A user who feels confused by the options, the interface, the navigation, and so on will likely feel overwhelmed in their thinking process. Cluttered, chaotic, and otherwise distracting interfaces can derail a user from their task at hand. Just like it’s hard to focus when several people are talking to you at once, on the web, it’s hard to focus when too many images, animations, icons, ads, text types, and bright colours are fighting for your attention. Keeping only what’s necessary is advantageous in general, reducing loading times and streamlining the experience.  Use a fair mix of visual content — images, videos, infographics, etc. — to create harmony on the page and make it easy for the user to comprehend. Not only are symmetry and smart asymmetry pleasing to the eye, but their structure makes the interface easier to interact with.

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