How Avian turned to Remote Design Sprints during the Pandemic.

Design is to make the user feel extensive, visualize creatively, and execute effectively.

In today’s scenario of monotonous work and very little experimentation, the creative mind has come to a standstill. At Avian, we took the initiative to curb the problem at its roots and brought into action remote design sprints. Design sprints are the most effective way of gauging the market by empathizing with their problems, ideating on the solution, prototyping the designed solution, testing it with the users to get quantified and qualified feedback, and reiterating on the loopholes.

While this process was done hands-on by our team members exclusively with our clients, the remote approach has brought in a fresh perspective to this long-going journey of work from home and the fatigue it brings with it.

Design sprints in easy words are a way of uprooting things from the rudimentary approach to an evolved and involved approach wherein the idea is formulated from scratch and tested at every stage.

We are a generation that relates the best with designs and products that shake us to the core with how they make us feel, or ideas that overwhelm us with emotions. This Raw Emotion is the base of our design sprints: to empathize and to create. Empathy is a beautiful feeling and an even more powerful tool for every venture you come across. If you can’t make your customer/user fall absolutely in awe with your product/solution/design, they are less likely to remember you.

At Avian we believe, Design is for People, not Products. Every client we work with has a very different approach from our last which for us serves as the most exciting part. We customize our services like the UX/UI design, product design and our design sprints according to you and your venture by laying out the ideologies that will work the best in the market with the given product/design/solution. Design sprint in this case serves a huge role in the process.

When we empathize with the solution you are offering, we design for the people and their lifestyles. In this time-bound world, where time is of the utmost importance, our services and our tools are altered and redesigned to fit in your timelines in the most effective ways. We are here to give you a fresh mind to iterate with and a fresh approach to walk on while executive your brilliant ideas.

Our team has been working extensively to make these remote design sprints a wholesome and enriching experience for all our clients with consistent video calls, constant follow-ups, and virtual ideations. These are tough times but hope wins it all. Let’s stay positive and keep moving forward with ideas that motivate us, excite us, and enrich our souls. We are always looking at the bigger picture and trying to make the best of what we have. If you can’t come to us physically, we will get the design sprints to you virtually. And it’s going to be better than ever, it already is.

That’s our promise.