Growth Spike in Businesses that use Design

We all know iconic product designs, the Swiss Army Knife, the Instagram home page or the Disneyland visitor experience. All these are constant reminders of the way strong design can be the source to commercial success in physical as well as digital settings.

Despite the obvious benefits of good product design, constant change and realization of design is rather hard; as all companies are adopting UX practices, only the best designs stand out in the crowd. With the rapid rise in consumer expectations fueled by the access to instant information and reviews, companies need stronger designs than before. So how do companies deliver unique designs, launch after launch? To understand the importance of unique designs, take a look at the design and the idea behind Uber. Uber is a textbook example for UX design by bringing to life the exact definition of UX’s primary goal: it simplifies processes with the user at the forefront of the design process. Before Uber, the task of getting a cab was hard and almost impossible due to the inability to locate a cab and arrive at your destination on time. Uber however, streamlined this process into a simple tap on a smartphone. The app has definitely become an essential to most people who rely on public transport. This was achieved all while using a clever interface to turn the process into something not unlike watching a video game.

So, what’s the lesson here? Successful UX requires putting customer understanding at the centre of the design process. If Uber was hard to use, an average person would just resort to the traditional method of finding a cab instead of spending time to figure out how the app works. Because let’s face it, it’s almost never the user’s fault. Have you ever pulled a door you should have pushed? That probably was not your fault. You were the user, and the door probably had bad UX.

The growth spike in businesses that have good UX design is definitely quite apparent. A 2017 study shows the existence of good UX design in influencing these factors. The results of optimising the mobile UX included:  30% increase in sales  50% decrease in bounce rate  70% increase in quantity of products sold

Despite the obvious advantages, the numbers also show the integral role that UX designs help in kick-starting a business in the first place. 70% of projects fail due to lack of user acceptance – something that can be prevented with UX design.

User Experience can give bring an idea to life. Websites like Duolingo want to help you learn a new language. Learning a new language can feel overwhelming, not to mention on the internet. Duolingo came up with a seamless approach that allows users to start learning a new language with three easy questions. On the contrary, many of its competitors make their users decide on a plan, pay and sign up for an account before getting started. Each of these steps adds friction which can cause users to drop out of the process.

UX makes complex applications easy to use. This perfectly fits the requirements of the average user who does not want to put much brain or effort into new products and applications. By implementing UX strategies, we can effectively improve how a company engages with its customers and interacts with its website via any device or application. This applies both to internal and external operations with companies seeing increased sales, lower cost of customer acquisition, increased customer retention, more market share and less training costs. Alternately, a user experience that is not optimized can decrease conversions drastically. Any business with a digital presence can benefit from user experience design. Delivering some important insights to grow a business, UX can create new business models that become a necessary part of the digital landscape and well as everyday existence.

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