Detox your UI - eliminate these elements from UI

The purpose of UI is to get the product to the user in a timely and elegant way as possible. So, you may be wondering what kind of UI design can be a good one? What are the common mistakes in UI design and how to avoid them effectively?

Bad UI design will make the users feel that the website is complicated and difficult to operate, whereas the good one will guide users on how to interact with the site in a clear and intuitive way even it’s the first time for them to visit it.

Not only does the bad UI design totally destroy the creative ideas put by the designers into their designs, as the output reflects them badly, but also delivers misunderstanding information to users. All of those will altogether bring users a sense of confusion, frustration, and even anger. It’s obvious that bad UI design can bring about bad user experience, thus decreasing scopes for business and marketing of products and services.

As Jared Spool said, “Good design when it’s done well, become invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it”. Some common mistakes made by designers, which make UI undesirable and should be avoided at all costs are as follows:

  • Lacking Contrast. When browsing a website, we’d like to see it with a clear and fresh contrast. This can help us better read and understand the info there, and thus knows how to conduct the operation.

  • Non-Responsive Design. It’s pretty popular to use responsive design, cause we find there’s no reason for us to make a website which cannot adapt to the given resolution and device size.

  • User feedback and Plagiarism. It’s not a bad thing to get inspirations from others’ design works, but we need to ensure we’ve had rich user data to make the right decision.

  • Bad IA (Information Architect). Sometimes it just goes to the other side if we overemphasize the creativity in the design. To keep a good balance in the visual hierarchy can leave a good impression on users, and it can deliver more info to them.

  • Inconsistent Style. An excellent UI design should be consistent with the style in order to make users clearly understand and respond to the given content.

  • Sluggish form. Sometimes, we need to collect the user-related info by designing a better form, but the sluggish and clunky form is totally a waste of time. It’s better to streamline the involved steps to make the form look concise and clear.

UI designers make some common mistakes while designing interfaces that make the UI undesirable and difficult to manoeuvre for the user. Designers should take care of these common mistakes like limiting the possibility to explore further, having no user-centered design, knowing little about the target audiences, crafting too much beforehand, and making use of dynamic effects excessively.

The top golden rules for UI design must follow the 4 Es, which keep your UI from becoming toxic and user-repelling:

  • Error-free.

  • Easy to use.

  • Easy to understand.

  • Effective for the end goal or product.

We can draw a conclusion that a good UI design should look beautiful on appearance, but most importantly have a clear structure, pay attention to the user experience, be unique, simple, and concise for users to understand. Sometimes we can ensure there’s nothing wrong with our design ideas though, there will be a lot of unexpected things when we get started to do it. The key is to sculpt a beautiful design with creative and unique ideas.

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