What is a Design Sprint?

design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market. The process aims to help teams to clearly define goals, validating assumptions and deciding on a product road map before starting development. It seeks to address strategic issues using interdisciplinary, rapid prototyping, and usability testing. This design process is similar to Sprints in an Agile development cycle.

Why Design Sprints?

“It takes planning and action to move ideas past the early stages of a project or after a Design Sprint” — Douglas Ferguson, Beyond the Prototype

The amazing benefits of Design Sprint

At the end of the sprint, you can expect one of these outcomes:

A successful failurewhere you learned valuable information from your prototype, and thus avoided sinking months into creating the wrong product. You should run a follow-up sprint to explore new angles.

A flawed winwhere you clearly identified what works, what doesn’t and why. You should iterate to fine-tune adjustments and test again.

A resounding victorywhere your prototype enabled users to solve their problems and met their expectations. You now have a clear path towards your end product.

Quickly Reduces Product Development Cycles

Helps you save time and money

Real feedback with Design Sprint

An agile and fast methodology that you can apply to your business

Generates business and innovation

Align expectations with your team

How it works?

Design Sprint is a 5-stage process that runs over the course of 5-days to solve big problems and answer critical business questions.

With a small team and a clear schedule for the week, you’ll rapidly progress from problem to tested solution. On Day 01, you create a map of the problem. On Day 02, each individual sketches solutions. Then, on Day 03, you decide which sketches are the strongest. On Day 04, you build a realistic prototype. And finally, on Day 05, you test that prototype with five target customers.













Design with us - DIY!

Here is our very own Design Sprint product called Dezy It. And guess what? It's completely free. You can either use this to start your own product or you can contact us for collaboration. 


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